Restaurants, fast food chains, and even small cafeterias are all converting to Digital Menu Boards nowadays. And there is a good reason for that. Actually, there are quite a few reasons:

1). Printing, Shipping, & Installation Costs.

The cost for installing static menu boards and digital menus is about the same for both. However, digital menus have a HUGE advantage over the static menu boards: changing menu items, prices, or updating the whole menu will cost you far less with digital signage.

2). Menu & Price Updates.

It is a very easy and quick process if something needs to be changed on your digital menu. It will cost you far more money and time if you decide to make changes to your static menu boards.

3). Reduced Perceived Wait Times and Enhanced Customer Experience.

While the customer is waiting in line to order a slice of pizza, interesting, value-added content (such as trivia, fun facts, or other entertainment) helps lower a customer’s perceived wait time. According to WAND Digital, Digital Signage menu boards attract 10 times more customer attention than traditional static menu boards.

4). Up-sell.

Digital menu boards present a huge opportunity for the up-sale. The hot, scrumptious slice of pizza makes customers even hungrier. The high-resolution screens also give the viewer a much cleaner look at the food compared to static images. In 2010, Burger King deployed digital signage across London and Birmingham locations, resulting in a 63% rise in sales in just 12 months. Now, that’s upselling!

5). Promotion.

Digital menu boards can also be used as a promotional tool; between menu board slides other slides, such as advertisements for current promotions or nutritional information, can be displayed.

As a food business owner, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in need for Digital Signage. I’ll be happy to guide you through the process and explain all the details to you.

Below, you’ll find a few examples of my recent digital signage projects.